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case studies

Hayes Knight

Hayes Knight Chartered Accountants reaped tangible results from our eco-assessment.

By putting in place a few small changes and a simple reshuffling of their waste procedures we were able to significantly reduce their waste to landfill.  This resulted in a 72% reduction in plastic bag consumption at their Albany site which equates to a 57% saving in their consumables over a 12 month period.

Key facts:

  • 72% reduction in plastic bag usage

  • 57% saving in consumables over 12 months


HRV – North Shore

HRV North Shore had a problem – a problem with waste!  And it was costing them a fortune in waste disposal.  After taking the EcoPro eco-assessment it was found that a considerable amount of changes could easily be made.

We found the staff became highly engaged in the whole process – staff initiated an in-house swear box-type ‘fine’ system. If anyone puts the wrong thing in the wrong bin they fine each other.

While it’s still early days in the programme which started 3 months ago, their waste to landfill to date has reduced from 9 bags of rubbish per week down to only 3. They consumed over 500 bin liners in the previous 12 months and we have now totally eliminated their need for bin liners all together! That’s a total reduction in plastic bags going into landfills of almost 79% - we think that’s something to shout about!

Key facts:

  • In 3 months, waste to landfill reduced from 9 bags per week to 3 bags

  • 500 bin liners over previous 12 months to Zero

  • 79% reduction in plastic bags to landfills

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